Javita Weight Loss Reviews
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Javita Weight Loss Reviews

Reviews from people who have lost weight.

In these reviews you will notice other health benefits associated with drinking Javita Coffee.

Other health benefits reported are lowered blood pressure, lowered blood sugar, increased energy and more.

Javita Weight Loss Reviews

You came to this website because you want to find out what other people are saying about Javita coffee and tea. In fact, you probably were searching online by typing in "Javita Weight Loss Reviews" or Javita weight loss coffee reviews, or even Javita coffee reviews. Either way, you found this site and are about to see some very real reviews from real customers who experienced real results after drinking Javita coffee and tea. I invite you to finish reading this article and then move onto the Customer Reviews section by clicking the link in the navigation above to see reviews from real customers.

Now onto the Javita coffee review

My name is Michael Cain. I am a member of the Javita coffee company. I became a member in December 2013 after attending a Javita coffee meeting, but procrastinated for about 2 months before signing up. The reason I procrastinated was because I wanted to make sure that drinking this coffee will actually give the results that many were claiming is true. I had heard of many who lost weight and gained better health, but I still wanted to validate this for myself. So, I started sharing it with the closest people in my life and the results were exciting!

- I shared Javita coffee with close friends and family

I first shared it with some friends who I invited to the Javita coffee meeting that is regularly held in my area. Mona, Jovita, and Elissa came. This was before I was a member, so my friends had to purchase from the person who invited me. Mona purchased 1 box of coffee. Jovita purchased 2 boxes of coffee and Elissa was given a week's supply from Jovita. At this point, I hadn't started drinking it myself yet, so any results will be first experienced by my friends.

Mona's Javita review

Mona is already slender so she didn't need to lose much weight. She is a coffee and tea drinker already and loves trying new flavors. She first reported to me that she felt energy throughout her day with a slight decrease in appetite after drinking the burn and control coffee. She later experienced about 5 lbs. of weight loss which took a little over a month to achieve. About a month in and getting low on her supply, she let me know that she wanted to try the tea next. After her first sip of the tea she promptly expressed that she loved the taste. Since then, she has been regularly purchasing the tea from me every month. She still snags a few packets of the burn and control off me from time to time for when she needs some extra energy to get her through a long day at work.

Next is Jovita's and Elissa's Javita reviews

javita reviews

Jovita and Elissa sat next to each other at the meeting. After it was over, Jovita purchased a couple boxes and shared some with Elissa. Both of them drank it over the next few weeks and started to report their results to me. Jovita mentioned that she had more energy and focus when doing her class work, while Elissa reported to me that she was losing inches around her waist. Since then, both of them have been excited about their results and continue to benefit. To date, Jovita reports losing a total of 7 lbs. and 2 pant sizes while Elissa reports losing 15 lbs., 2 dress sizes and 3 pant sizes. Total time frame has been about 3 months. No exercise or diet plan was added to their daily routine.

My very own Javita coffee weight loss review with Starr

javita coffee weight loss review javita weight loss coffee reviews

At the beginning of January 2014 is when my friend Starr and I began our consumption of the coffee and tea. This is our experience.

Starr and I are friends and have in common a practice of healthy living. We both enjoy eating healthy and using herbal supplements to maintain good health and fight sickness. So needless to say, Starr and I were eager to try the coffee and tea because of the healthy herbs in them.

We both found out that the herbal ingredients have also been used in Ayurveda medicine for centuries to promote weight loss and aide in other health benefits, so we were both pretty stoked about that. Starr has a cabinet full of weight loss supplements but she wanted something that was going to keep her weight off for good and be a product that she already consumes. In this case, coffee and tea!

Over a period of a few months, Starr has reported a total loss of 10 lbs. without any weight gain back. She says she lost 3 pant sizes and has to wear a belt at work to keep her pants from falling down. I can attest to her weight loss. She does look slimmer now compared to the end of 2013. She plans to continue drinking Javita until she gets to her desired weight.

- Is my stomach fat?

When I hit my mid 30's I started going from having a FLAT stomach with six pack abs to a FAT stomach with a six pack in my hand! LOL, just kidding! I don't drink beer too often, but at this point in my life, a six pack of beer definitely makes my stomach fatter!

After drinking mainly Javita tea for the past few months, my stomach has decreased in total fat. I do notice the belly fat has subsided a little and I can now fit into pants that I used to wear years ago. I have lost about 1 inch so far from my belly and have gone from a 34 to 35 inch waist to a 33 to 34 inch waist.

I am confident that my ongoing consumption of Javita will get me back to my six pack abs once again. Even if it takes me the next year to get there I'll be ok with that because nothing I have done in the past 10+ years has helped. No amount of crunches or sit-ups has done much to get rid of this belly fat. So in my experience, Javita does work to get rid of fat.

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I've sold Javita to several people since being a member. Many have reported back to me about losing weight, lowering their blood sugar and having more energy. I have put their Javita weight loss reviews in the customer reviews section.

One of the main reasons why Javita works is because of an herbal ingredient called garcinia cambogia extract. Dr. Oz explains how this works on the next page. Continue reading ➜.

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